Yasra Rizvi with Her Husband

Yasra Rizvi Response on her Divorce News

Pakistani actress Yasra Rizvi recently drew attention to her acting skills in the acclaimed Churails Web series and Asim Abbasi’s drama “Dunk.” The actor is not a stranger to criticism. When she tied her knot with aspiring producer Abdul Hadi in 2017, she had a lot of hatred for the so-called age difference. Recently, Yasura has been blessed with a lovely baby!

 Recently, Yasra Rizvi, who went to her official Instagram handle, established a relationship with her husband. When she responded to rumors of her divorce, Yarsa said it was very easy for people to guess about these things. While sharing adorable photos with her husband, Yasra wrote: Did people guess these things easily and often before the advent of social media, or we always dismantle “rare” unions to make them feel better, play safely, and borderline. Did you advocate not to break up beyond? My parents don’t have a lot of pictures together, but they have been married for almost 50 years. Just that! “.

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