The Eid al-Fitr Deluxe Series RANISA by Nureh by Sadaf Kanwal

Nureh The Eid al-Fitr Deluxe Series “RANISA” Photoshoot Sadaf Kanwal

Nureh goal is to realize all the elements of iconic, timeless and traditional in different fabrics and wholes. Clothing that combine’s oriental culture with modern styles allows you to connect with a wider audience around the world. The brand aims to add beauty and personality to clothing in its Unstitch and Ready to Wear categories, which represent all of us in different ways, yet have unique similarities.

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Nureh newly launched “RANISA” holiday seamless luxury Eid al-Fitr series features actress and model Sadaf Kanwal (Sadaf Kanwal), always gorgeous and dazzling. The series defines a woman who is inspired by the tribal nation and merged with this new era. Made with flying shuttles, the work is embodied by a combination of prints, embroidery and monotonous colors: NUREH women have a taste for cultural heritage! “She shines. She shines. She is everything sacred!”

Sadaf Kanwal is very gorgeous in Nuréh’s holiday series. Let’s take a look at the pictures:

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