Team Muhafiz upcoming animated series

Team Muhafiz Upcoming Animated Series “Dil Fatah Karain”

Team Muhafiz is an upcoming anime series produced by ISPR and Geo Productions collaborating with AZ Corp. The story of Team Muhafiz is about ordinary people who do not have psychic powers and animated thrillers. The story highlights social issues, especially the pros and cons of our society. “Team Muhafiz” focuses on blackmail, street crime, substance abuse, human trafficking, timber mafia, child labor, etc.

Dil Fatah Karain animated series of Team Muhafiz

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 Team Muhafiz is a popular comic series currently used in television projects by GEO and ISPR. This series contains eight protagonists that our younger generation can identify with and inspire. Each character has a different background, but they live together with love and respect for each other. The voice actors behind these characters are key Pakistani actors, including Wahaj Ali, Sajal Ali, Dananeer, Ahsan Khan, Sayed Shafat Ali, Adil Khan, Nimra Rafiq, and Nayyar Ejaz. The series is divided into two parts, consisting of five episodes. “Dil Fatah Karain” series OST by Soch The Band, Karakoram, and Young Stunners is now available. I’ll take a look!

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