Sana Chaudhry with Hijab

Sanam Chaudhry Journey to Islam

Sanam Chaudhry is a wonderful Pakistani entertainer who was extremely famous in Pakistan, Sanam was being cherished by fans for her first rate acting abilities. Her remarkable work in various dramatizations stood out enough to be noticed. The entertainer got hitched to Somi Chauhan and enjoyed reprieve from showbiz however sooner or later she declared to stop showbiz industry.

Of late, Sanam Chaudhry did a live meeting just to educate the fans regarding her moving profound excursion.

In her live meeting, she revealed a great deal of things exhaustively, Sanam said, “I’m citing a Hadith which is close to me, ‘among you, is the best who learns Quran and spreads its message’, as all of you realize I was on a thrill ride, I was an entertainer, I was exceptionally fruitful, I was taking honors, everything was going wonderful in my life however it wasn’t the end, I was looking for truth of life. I used to get all that I at any point wished to have, I got hitched, I got child. I had everything except I was searching for harmony”

Taking further with regards to her profound excursion Sanam said, “I actually needed to proceed with showbiz, I held a couple of makers’ contacts, and didn’t deny offers however one day I understood that it’s not what I’m pulling for, I wanted family which I got, I had a dread that If I will begin working once more, I will be occupied, I examined with my educator, I attempted to move toward Quran, I was associated with Quran and afterward I turned towards Allah subsequent to perusing Chapter 2, I believed that Quran is conversing with me. The course of self-acknowledgment started and I wound up off-base. “

She further said, “I declared on Instagram, it was hard for me to wear Hijab however I realized I wasn’t right and I was fulfilling the creation, I then, at that point, chosen to satisfy my maker and returned to Islam”

Here is the connection to the video where she examined her profound excursion exhaustively.

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