Parody Video of TikToker Dananeer Mobeen

Recreation of Dananeer Mobeen Parody Video of her Own Viral Video

Dananeer Mobeen is definitely not another name any longer; she rose to distinction a year prior, in 2021, through her viral video “Pawry Ho Rai Hai”, the video turned into a moving peculiarity. It was reproduced by superstars from India and Pakistan. Dananeer turned into a known figure after that.

Yet again the frenzy of her moving video is as yet not finished at this point as it is as yet being discussed and reproduced by fans; it is being reproduced by another charming little Pakhtoon Girl who satisfied her energy of reproducing the video while her dad was taking care of his responsibilities. The charming young lady said, “Yeh Main Hun, Yeh Mera Baap ha or Hmarey Baap ki Pawry Ho Rhi Hey”, the video got into moving and individuals began adoring it.

As of late, Dananeer Mobeen who made the video has said that the young lady really has made better form and outperformed her. She adored her video, she shared her video alongside her amusement of it. Here is the connection.

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