Puthi Topi_Kaale Kurte

Puthi Topi Gang’s Latest Song is Praised by Pakistani Celebrities

Puthi Topi Gang is an underground band located in Gujarat. In the past ten years, Puthi Topi Gang has always impressed the audience with its loyalty to this genre. After ten years of struggle, the band has now gained fame and recognition in the mainstream and social media. The band mostly attracted the attention of the audience after releasing the unofficial national anthem of PSL 6. Nauman Zafar, Nauman Ali (Mirza Nani) and Mohammad Usama (Mixam) are Puthi Topi Gang rappers who set new benchmarks.

 Puthi Topi Gang recently released a song called KALAY KURTAY. It seems that Puthi Topi Gang is also a fan of Raqs e Bismil, because they dedicated their latest song to everyone’s favorite Moosa.

 This song suddenly attracted the attention of the audience, and celebrities also recognized Puthi Topi’s efforts. Imran Ashraf admired Pupthi Topi’s work on Instagram.

 Bilal Saeed is a very well-known singer in our industry. He also revealed that he is a fan of Puthi Topi Gang by commenting on Imran Ashraf’s post:

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