Dananeer Mobeen as Syeda Sidra

People Praising Dananeer Mobeen Acting in Sinf-e-Ahan after Going On-Air

Dananeer Mobeen broadly known as “Pawri Girl” turned into a piece of the spotlight when her “Pawri Video” went madly popular in Pakistan as well as across the boundaries. Dananeer was then welcome to Nida Yasir’s show and fired appearance up at the local gatherings of Chief Wajahat Rauf too alongside other popular superstars. Dananeer Mobeen is currently making her acting presentation with the popular show sequential Sinf-e-Aahan. At the point when it was uncovered that Dananeer Mobeen is a piece of the Mega Project, public condemned the choice severely and said that she got an adjustment of the show due to preference.

As of late, the creation house has delivered a mystery of Sinf-e-Aahan in which Dananeer’s person got presented as “Syeda Sidra” who is demonstrated to be a blameless Hijabi young lady.

Incredibly, Dananeer Mobeen has paralyzed everybody with her acting abilities. Individuals who were scrutinizing her before are presently applauding her. Additionally, individuals are saying that with her acting abilities Dananeer has disregarded the people who were condemning her previously.

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