Oreo Pakistan Arranged An Event “Oreo Grand 75th Celebration”

Oreo Pakistan has An Amazing Event – Oreo Grand 75th Celebration

Oreo Pakistan has directed an occasion for the entertainers and their children to commend its 75 heavenly years. They named the occasion “Oreo Grand 75th Celebration”. Many Pakistani superstar couples were welcomed at the Oreo Grand 75th Celebration occasion alongside their children. The topic of the occasion was “Pakistan” and its breathtaking years, every one of the big names wore ‘Green and White’ dresses for the occasion. The couples and their children enjoyed exciting exercises, and they were likewise singing devoted songs of praise. They additionally recounted National Anthem with deference.

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Hira Mani, Aiman Khan, and Iqra Aziz sang the public song of devotion. Sarwat Gillani, Junaid Khan, Fatima Effendi, and many more entertainers were spotted. The children of VIPs were glad to be essential for the occasion. Here are the photos and recordings of entertainers with their children, friends, and family. See!

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