nadeem nani wala and dolly

Nimra Ali Faces Criticism For Commenting on TikToker Wedding

Nimra Ali became an internet sensation overnight when one of her videos of a public interview went viral. It spreads like wildfire. Nimra became a household name, she appeared on shows and remained the main trend for several days. After that, all the hype was gone.

Nimra Ali recently made the news again because of her comment about Nikkah. Recently Tiktoker Nadeem Nani Wala proposed to Dolly, another famous Tiktoker.

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Nimra comments on them and gives references to Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain and MJ Ahsan and Dr Madiha who were married and kept trending for days. She said that now Tiktokers are using nikkah as a tool to promote themselves and themselves.

 Nimra Ali faced a lot of negative reactions to her remarks. People wonder why he’s famous.

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