Noman Ijaz Views About His SOn Work in Showbiz

Nauman Ijaz’s Point of View for Zaviyar Nauman Work in Showbiz

Nauman Ijaz is a splendid Pakistani TV entertainer who has showed up in limitless hit serials including Dasht, Mera Saayeen, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila, Raqeeb Se, Dubara and Sang E Mar.

Presently, his child has likewise ventured into Industry and interestingly he has discussed him exhaustively. In answer to moor’s question, “On the off chance that you have affected your child towards acting?”

Nauman Ijaz said, “it was only an incident that he came into this field, neither one of the is carried content to home, nor did I bring him into Media social occasions, I didn’t say him anything, he personally came to me and said that he needed to do acting, then, at that point, I let him know it’s not and simple occupation additionally you are overweight, you will look terrible on screen, you want to chop down your weight and afterward he cut his weight in half year, he likewise got Shytika torment as a result of it, so I saw a little inspiration in him”

“We strolled for unworthy and that is the manner by which everything began, I didn’t send off him, I might have handily delivered any task for him, yet I didn’t”, added Nauman.

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