minal khan nikkah

Minal Khan Nikkah’s Heart Touching Moments

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram Ikram Nikkah have just happened where Aiman Khan and Muneeb But were broken into tears. Both were crying while Nikkah’s documents were signed. Both remembered Aiman’s father to his happy opportunity.

Pictures were shared by the official photo page in which Fans can see Aiman Khan is in tears when the Nikkah event was happening and the guests around him, they were trying to comfort her. Even the Muneeb also could not keep her tears at Nikkah’s time.  Everyone at the time of Nikkah was emotional. Ahsan Mohsin Ikram has also signed the documents. Minal Khan was also emotional on the special day of her, take a look at the pictures of Nikkah.

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