Minal and Ahsan photos from nathia gali

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram Amazing Photos from Murree Trip

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram are one of the most famous celebrity couples. When they openly confessed their love, they became talk of the town. Shortly thereafter, Minal and Ahsan announced “Bad Paki” and were engaged. Photos of their dating era caused a great deal of turmoil on the internet, and they also received a lot of backlash. Minal Khan and Arsan Moffsin Ikram got married a few months ago.

 Minal and Ahsan quickly share photos with their fans. Whether it’s a wedding, a honeymoon, or any other occasion, both celebrities suddenly shared photos through their social media accounts. The couple is currently in Natiagari with Minal Khan’s family. As always, Ahsan Moshin Ikram and Minal Khan shared adorable clicks from the trip. Take a look at the photo:

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