Mayun Event of Areeba Habib

Mayun Photos of Beautiful Areeba Habib

Wedding ringers for entertainer Areeba Habib, who as of late reported her wedding date and shared photos of the greeting bundle sending Internet into an emergency. Areeba Habib is good to go to seal the deal with Saadain Imran on second Januray’22.

Of late, Areeba Habib’s wedding merriments launched with a mayun occasion the previous evening. The mayun occasion was held at Areeba’s place, which was gone to by dear loved ones. The lady to-be was decked out in yellow from head to toe, adorned with marigold high quality gems for the event. Individual superstars including Sana Fakhar, Zhalay, Anumta Qureshi, Kiran Imran and a lot more were spotted at the occasion, see!

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