Natasha Khalid Beautician interview her mother and aunt

How We Enhance Our Inner Beauty Told by Natasha Khalid

Natasha Khalid is a notable cosmetologist and master who runs her own salon in Karachi. Natasha Khalid is the girl of Hina Durrani, who is the little girl of Madam Noor Jehan.

Natasha runs her YouTube channel “Past Beauty By Natasha”. As of late, Natasha facilitated a unique meeting with her mom and aunties, in which they featured the significance of supporting inward excellence.

“It is vital not to pass actual remarks on kids, particularly young ladies. Rather than offering a commendation about their magnificence, you should say that you’re so imaginative. You can applaud your kids without lauding their looks”, added Natasha’s auntie.

Natasha’s auntie further said that “The face we have are natural, we don’t have anything to do with it. What are you from the inside, the decency in your heart shows all over ultimately. So that is valid, looks doesn’t make any difference whatsoever, it’s a human that you are.”

“It’s the internal excellence which considers your face. Once in a while you’ll see the prettiest countenances and possibly they look unforgiving, or they are clear, or there’s nothing in them. They are cold, they won’t ever contact your heart however it’s your inward magnificence that thinks about your face and makes you a delightful individual”, says Natasha’s mom.

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