Hira Mani US Trip

Hira Mani’s Video Went Viral

Hira Mani is one of Pakistan’s most famous actresses. Hira Mani has appeared in several plays, most of which have achieved great success. Hira Mani has now become a brand, and his mere appearance in the drama is enough to make it a super hit. In recent years, Hira Mani’s fan following has grown dramatically.

Recently, someone saw Hira Mani vacationing with her husband and children in Texas, USA. Hira Mani recently shared a video of her filling a car’s gas tank with gasoline. In the video, she said that we are honored to have housekeeping services in Pakistan in the United States, where women do anything by themselves.

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Hira Mani’s video received a lot of negative reactions. People are not happy because he refers to women who work at home as “luxuries” because he is poor.

Let’s see what everyone said:

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