Hareem Shah Wedding

Hareem Shah Revealed Details about Her Marital Status

Hareem Shah, considered one of the most controversial names in Pakistan, became part of the bright spot when it was announced that he had finally gotten married. Hareem shared a photo of a man’s hand with a ring on his Instagram and wrote “Alhumdulilah.” Later, she confirmed that she had married a politician from the Pakistan People’s Party, but did not reveal her husband’s name.

Hareem Shah shared a video using his Instagram account in which he asked people not to associate his name with any random person. He made it clear that he had had no relationship with anyone in the past.

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If you share a video with a man, it is for advertising only. Harlem said that if she had been in a relationship before, she would openly accept it, but she had never liked anyone before. Now she’s married, that’s the only man in her life.

In an interview with Geo News, Hareem Shah revealed that her husband is from Karachi, Sindh province and that he is older than Hareem. He is already married, he will soon convince his first wife, and then they will reveal it.

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