Memes on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Pakistani Celebrities Funny Memes on “Kanpein Tang Rahi Hain”

Pakistani Celebrities knows that World is going through immense changes in the international scene and Pakistan is likewise experiencing the hotness. We are seeing expanded political movement in the country, both from the public authority and resistance’s sides. Individuals who like to stay fully informed regarding the current undertakings definitely know what is going on yet what even the ones who don’t watch political circumstances know is that “Kanpein Tang Rahi Hain”. Bilawal Zardari was tending to a jalsa in Islamabad where this diverting slip of tongue occurred:

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Before long Kanpein Tang Rahi Hain was a pattern via online media and individuals began making images and spoofs on it. Our VIPs are not behind either and begun sharing their takes on this. Saboor Aly shared an image of hers in chilly climate with a clever subtitle:

Zara Noor Abbas couldn’t handle her giggling:

Haroon Shahid shared an image from the arrangements of Fasiq and thought Bilawal Zardari has showed up in his remarks under an assumed name:

Javeria Saud is feeling beautiful post kanpein tang rahi hain:

Ahsan Khan, Nimra Khan and Salma Hassan proceeded to make their own form of kanpein tangna:

Fatima Effendi Kanwar additionally has her own adaptation of Kanpein Tang Rahi hain:

Cosmetics craftsman Waqar additionally had an interpretation of it:

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