Hadiqa Kiani Personal Life

First Time Hadiqa Kiani Discussed About Her Personal Life

Hadiqa is a Pakistani singer-songwriter and philanthropist who has long been involved in the Pakistani industry. With her soulful voice, she gave the industry remarkable music. Hadika Kiyani recently appeared in an interview with “Rewinding with Samina Piazada”.

 Hadika Kiani states in her conversation about her private life and the hardships of her life: I adopted my child, but my son was actually the reason for my second marriage.

 “I wanted to convey my father’s name and the love of my parents to my child, so I decided to get married just to live a happy and normal life. He makes it possible. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t go as I imagined, so we broke up two months after the marriage, “added Hadiqa.

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