Behroz Sabzwari first time talks about Shehroz and Syra Separation

Behroz Sabzwari First Time Talks about Shehroz and Syra Yousaf

Behroz sabzwari is a well-known Pakistani veteran actor who has participated in many successful projects so far. His son Shahroz  Sabzwari also inherited his estate and became famous in the show business.

A few days ago, Behroz Sabzwari appeared in Rising Pakistan, where she first talked about Shahroz’s separation. When Syra and Shahroz parted ways, he confessed the difficulties he and his wife had to face.

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He said: “2020 is very difficult for us, not only because of the epidemic but also because we have to face the ups and downs of life, you know. Syra is our daughter because she is Nooreh’s mother. I support her very much. Sadaf is our second daughter. Allah gave us”

“Listen, Tauseeq, all these things are destined to happen. We can’t say whether something is good or bad.”

 When it comes to emotional difficulties, he said they did have, but his wife Safina was more serious and angry. He said that women have different ideologies about separation.

 He also Say, “Nooreh is our daughter. She spends certain days of the week with us and the rest of the week with her mother. We can’t take our daughter away from her mother. Who are we here? Do this”

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