Defense bracelets

Defense Bracelet – Magnetic Therapy for your Health Comfort

Defense bracelets bring you discomfort relief, promotes better sleep, supports healthy circulation, and supports healthy inflammation.

These powerful copper magnetic defense bracelets bring you relief of discomfort, promotes better sleep, supports healthy circulation, and supports healthy inflammation… all from wearing a piece of jewelry that’s attractive and looks great on both men and women!

Magnetic Therapy

Powerful rare-earth magnets in the bracelet rest against the artery in your wrist.

As blood flows past them, the magnets act on the iron in your blood, lining up the red blood cells so that they can receive more oxygen. This improves circulation.

Better circulation helps reduce inflammation. The increased blood flow helps your body promotes healing function, easing the discomforts from your arms and hands. The powerful magnets in our Defense Bracelets also help reduce lactic acid (the substance that causes soreness after you work out) and calcium deposits. Moving calcium ions through your body faster helps speed up the healing process in your nerves and bones.

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Magnets can also raise your melatonin levels… meaning you get better sleep naturally, without having to take supplements. Likewise, magnetic bracelets can raise your endorphins (the “feel-good” hormone) which reduces pain and gives you an overall sense of contentment and wellbeing.

The Power of Copper

Copper is an element that we need to be healthy… low levels of copper in your body are linked to heart disease and high blood pressure. Wearing a copper bracelet delivers this essential mineral to your bloodstream through the process of transdermal micronutrition.

When you wear our Defense Bracelets, copper ions are absorbed through your skin. Nutrients that are absorbed straight into your bloodstream don’t have to pass through your digestive tract or liver, so your body is better able to use them.

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