Haroon Shahid Epic Moment

Classic Moment of Haroon Shahid Little Fan

Haroon Shahid is one of the most handsome and talented actors in Pakistan’s media industry. He started his career as a musician but then turned to act. He co-starred in the Shoaib Mansoor movie Verna with Mahira Khan, which is considered a milestone in his career. Haroon’s famous plays include Do Bol, Tajdeede Wafa, Muqaddar, and Khaas.

 Recently, when Haroon Shahid met Mahira Khan for Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay, a little boy came to Haroon Shahid and said that he had watched many of his plays. Haroon Shahid asked him if he knew Mahira, but the boy didn’t really know anything about Mahira, which made Haroon feel even happier because he couldn’t recognize the superstars of this country. Mahira was also amused.

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