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China Culture and Tourism Week 2021 to be Held in June

The Chinese Cultural Center in Pakistan will launch a series of online activities celebrating the “China Culture and Tourism Week 2021” in mid-June.

The theme of the event is to promote the image of “Beautiful China”, and tell the story of China by focusing on three main components, namely “attractive countryside and the safety of the African heritage”. Objects,” “Ice and Snow Tourism” and “Culinary Culture,” said a press release issued here on Monday.

It also aims to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics and show the charm of Chinese culture and tourism. Over the next few weeks, the Chinese Cultural Center in Pakistan will share a variety of exhilarating online and virtual activities through short videos, trailers, and posters of performances, cultural heritage, cuisine, and beautiful scenery, etc.

Focusing on key international cooperation projects “Belt and Road” in the culture and tourism industry, 6 unique tourism art performance projects are selected and reproduced in short videos.

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