Ayeza Khan Wearing Komal Chawala Couture Formal

Ayeza Khan Wearing Komal Chawala Beautiful Couture Formal

Komal Chawala Couture recently launched her official collection, top actress Ayeza Khan designed a model for her. Ayeza Khan wears a pistachio-colored gorgeous outfit, paired with layers of pure woven mozzarella silk and golden ankle boots, looks majestic. The soft mint green hue of the corset Angaka train dress enhances its beauty. This outfit is paired with a Dhaka style pajamas, with metal and stone trim in one. Ayeza Khan’s makeup was done by Omar Waqar.

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Komal Chawala Couture is famous for designing formal and semi-formal dresses. The brand derives its identity from innovative design concepts and continues to evolve to create fascinating decorations and vivid prints. At Komal Chawla, Couture’s dreamy design aims to allow clients to wear a graceful temperament. They provide a variety of designs and can even make designs provided by clients. Komal Chawla Couture is committed to feminine and elegant clothing. Whether it is evening wear, casual series or formal wear, KCC is unique in its new interpretation of modern Western and traditional Eastern tailoring, with rich details. The customized professional series is the most popular feature, and they are proud to be one of the leaders in this category. Komal Chawla Couture provides you with the highest level of service related to different categories of clothing.

Let’s take a look at the picture:

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