Attiqa Odho in Fuchsia Magazine

Atiqa Odho Shares Her Personal Life Things for First Time

The senior and flexible actress of Pakistan, Atiqa Odho lately seemed in an interview with “Fuchsia Magazine”. Atiqa Odho even as establishing up approximately her private life, cited that “I got here from a higher and elite magnificence however a damaged domestic and my entire issue changed into that I’ve constantly been much starved for a father figure.”

 Atiqa Odho even as speak me approximately her divorce, cited that “You have to by no means tolerate an abusive and poisonous relationship, regardless of how an awful lot helpless you are. In an abusive relationship, you lose your dignity and your self-worth. It’s now no longer viable that a domestic stays strong and ordinary if there’s any shape of abuse in that domestic. I sense that it’s higher to get out. I had a supportive own circle of relatives and my youngsters have been my best strength, they stood with the aid of using me thru the whole lot constantly so it changed into now no longer that tough for me.”

 “The best issue that’s essential is your very own and your kids’ fitness and safety, the whole lot else is secondary. I changed into very clean from day one which I even have a proper to stay snug and satisfying life. I’m by no means frightened of seeking out something higher in life”, delivered Atiqa Odho.

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