Amazing Response of the Audience from Latest Episode of Parizaad

The Drama serial Parizaad is a mega assignment produced through Hum Television. The drama is written by very gifted author Hashim Nadeem. The drama is directed through Shehzad Kashmiri. The tale of the drama revolves around Parizaad, the drama encloses the existence adventure of Parizaad who’s a “Hero Figure”. Parizaad is emotional, smart, and a respectable man who’s useful to society.

In this episode, Parizaad went via the important transition of his existence. After the death of Seth Behoroz Karim, he has become the proprietor of all his property & corporations according to the need of Behroz Karim. His emotional performance from Jail to being wealthy became very well cherished through the fanatics. Fans notion; that Parizaad subsequently was given the praise of his endurance and honesty. Many fanatics had been of the view that this episode became the maximum emotional episode. They additionally cherished whilst he attempted to behave like Behroz Karim.

Fans recalled all of the emotional moments from the episode and shared them on Twitter. A few fanatics stated that the narration a part of episode 17 became the first-rate part. It depicted the entire state of affairs like a film. Fans cherished the upward thrust of Parizaad and stated that it became nicely deserved.

One fan stated, “Parizaad Today’s episode became simply amazing. When Parizaad became bad he misplaced valuable friends & lovers (Lubna) for whom he couldn’t do anything. Now that he’s wealthy he nonetheless misplaced a valuable pal today (Janu) who couldn’t stroll the identical route as Parizaad.

One fan stated, “Parizaad crying whilst Feroze became being taken for execution, Parizaad sister yearning for her brother, Parizaad remembering his former boss Behroze, the ache on Parizaad face whilst Janu refused to companion with him anymore, the whole lot became in order that emotional & completed so perfectly.”

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