Areeba Habib Engagement

Actress Areeba Habib is Ready to Tie the Knot

Areeba is fascinating, a charming Pakistani model turned actress, her performance caught everyone’s attention. Her passion for art prompted her to enter the entertainment world. Coming from a non-artistic background, her struggle is obvious, but it’s worth the wait.

 Recently, news appeared on social media that actress Aruba Habib was about to get married. When Areeba Habib shared some snapshots of the beautiful decorations completed at her home on her Instagram story, the news began to circulate on social media.

 According to sources, Areeba Habib is engaged to non-artist Saadain Imran Sheikh. The Baat Paki ceremony will take place on July 29, 2021. A sweet box photo labeled “Saadain & Areeba” also appeared on social media. In early

, Areeba Habib shared a photo on her Instagram account in which she was found holding a bouquet of flowers and candy. Areeba captioned the photo: “Eidi, Allhamdulillah!”

However, Areeba has not revealed anything related to her Baat Paki until now.

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